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Sideview of Tata Gold Altroz


TATA ALTROZ Alloy Wheels and 209 mm ground clearance


Altroz has been designed to offer world-class protection to its occupants, Equipped with ALFA Architecture and a comprehensive safety system ALTROZ has achieved 5-star Global NCAP rating

Strong ALFA ARC ALtroz Architecture


Agile Light Flexible Advanced (ALFA) Architecture, along with energy-absorbing body structure, Accounts for the absolute safety of the passengers.

ABS Safety for Tata Altroz

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Latest Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) 9.3 version prevents wheel lock-up during panic braking, thereby maintaining directional stability.

Altroz-EBD Braking Safety

Electronic Brake-force Distribution

Electronic Brake-force Distribution system distributes the brake-force between front and rear axle to maintain efficient on-road control.

Tata Altroz- Corner Stability Feature

Corner Stability Control (CSC)

Stay in absolute control, especially while undertaking sharp or speedy turns.

TATA ALTROZ Alloy Wheels and 209 mm ground clearance

Dual Front Airbags

Dual front airbags help ensure complete and thorough protection for front passengers in case of a collision.

Altroz Reverse Parking Camera Feature

Reverse Parking camera

Increased visibility behind the wheel assist in easy parking in tighter spaces with the help of guidelines.

Altroz Child Safety Featuree

ISOFIX Anchorage for child seats

Keep your little ones safe with an easy installation system for child seats to make every drive blissful and relaxed.

Altroz Safety Voice Alert

Voice Alerts

Timely voice alerts and warning prevents you from unwanted mishaps and all alerts

Voice alerts warning

  • Driver door open
  • Co-driver door open
  • Left rear door open
  • Right rear door open
  • Tailgate open
  • Driver seat belt: Fasten your seat belt
  • Co-driver seat belt: Fasten your seat belt
Altroz-Voice Parking Assistant

Parking Assistance

Increased visibility behind the wheel assist in easy parking in tighter spaces with the help of guidelines.

Altroz Height Convenience Seat Belt

Height Adjustable Seatbelt

Adjustable seatbelts as per individual requirements to provide comprehensive safety.

Altroz Advanced Fog Lamps

Fog Lamps

Front fog lamps seamlessly integrated with the bumper help provide improved visibility even in poor weather conditions.

TATA ALTROZ Rear Side view with Antena

Gold Standard of DESIGN

Future-inspired design based on the impact 2.0 language

Altroz Modern Interior

Cockpit inspired interiors

Step inside and be amazed by the modern, intelligent and tastefully crafted interiors. When you embark on a journey in this car, you’ll wish your drive lasts long

Altroz Wide 90° Doors

90 degree Opening Doors

Inspired by the sprawling wings of a majestic soaring bird, the 90 degree opening doors of the Altroz ensure an abundance of space for anyone getting in or out.

Dual Projector Headlamp-Altroz

Dual chamber projector head lamps

New age projector headlamps, help light up the darkest of roads with a brightness that never fades.

Altroz Stylish Alloy Wheels

R16 Dual Tone LASER Cut Alloy wheels

On-lookers will be left dazzled when your car has LASER cut 16" dual-tone alloy wheels that add to the athletic side profile and also enhance handling.

Altroz Chrome Plated Rear View Mirror

Piano Black ORVM with Chrome Accent

Stylish outer rear view mirrors that not only offer a very premium and elegant look but makes you want to look back often. And it will be easy, thanks to the electrically adjustable ORVM.

Tata Altroz Unique Shaped Beltline

Day Light Opening (DLO) with Shooting Comet Beltline

Uniquely shaped DLO's help provide increased daylight entry and surround visibility.

Altroz Sporty Rear Door Handles

C-Pillar Mounted Rear Door Handles

Well integrated rear door handles built into the c-pillars gives refined & sporty look.

Tata Altroz Stylish Spolier

Seamlessly integrated spoiler

A seamlessly integrated spoiler guarantees an unmatched presence in just about any situation.

Tata Altroz Laser Fog Lamp


Day time running lights (DRL) gives a signature appearence to the altroz

Tata Altroz Signature Tail Lamp

Signature Split Tail Lamps

Revolutionary new split tail-lamps help you arrive in style like no other.

Tata Altroz Stylish Black roof

Black Contrast Roof

Spend twice the time admiring the car while looking at its black contrast roof.

Altroz Surround Light Dashboard

Floating-island dashboard layout

Floating Island Layout with a serene blue Ambient Light-surround on the dash really brightens up the mood while driving at night.

Altroz Chrome Dashboard

Classic Satin Chrome Finish Dashboard

A metallic finish dashboard surrounded by a serene blue ambient light, helps amplify the premiumness and set the mood for a long, peaceful drive.

Altroz Luxury Leather Gear

Leather Wrapped Gear Lever

A leather wrapped gear lever helps induce a sense of luxury and opulence

Metal Finish Door Handles

Metal finish Inside Door Handles

A metallic finish on inner door handles ensure additional visual and aesthetic appeal.

Tata Altroz with IRA Tech

Gold Standard of TECHNOLOGY

iRA lets you stay connected wherever you are, it is a cool new connected car tech platform that is in sync with India. It offers a range of innovative features developed in India for India. Infotainment system by HarmanTM leaves no stone unturned. Equipped with an advanced 17.78cm touchscreen interface, unmatched acoustics system and iRA.

Tata Altroz Voice Command Feature

Natural Voice Tech

Now, give voice commands at your convenience as the system understands Hindi, English and even Hinglish!

Altroz Auto Temperature Cooling

Xpress Cooling

When the Xpress button is pressed, the system calculates the cabin’s temperature and begins the cooling process. Once its been cooled, you will be alerted.

Altroz Smart Headlamps

Auto headlamps

Smart headlamps that automatically light up in dark areas, provide instant visibility without any intervention.

Altroz Auto Sense Wipers

Rain Sensing Wipers

A set of intelligent wipers designed to sense the rain and automatically turn on, helps make your driving experience as weather-proof as possible.

Altroz Cruise Control Feature

Cruise Control

Long distance drives will now be a breeze with the easy-to-use Cruise Control function.

Altroz Universal Harman Player

Apple Car PlayTM and Android AutoTM

Navigate your way through unchartered territories by connecting your phone to 17.78cm touchscreen infotainment system by HarmanTM through Android AutoTM or Apple CarPlayTM

Altroz Surround Speakers

Best Acoustic Experience with HarmanTMTuned Speakers

Your tunes will never go unheard with strategically placed world-class surround sound speakers for the best acoustic experience, coupled with the infotainment system by Harman.

Advanced Altroz Hatchback Navigator

What 3 Words

Altroz is India’s first hatchback to introduce this precise & simple way to reach your locations. What 3 Words is a technology that has assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3 word address. They’re easy to say, share and are accurate too.

Altroz Hatchback Custom Infotainment Theme

Customizable Infotainment Theme

You can set the infotainment screen theme as per your choice. Three options available (Zeal, Zen and Zing)

Tata Altroz Hatchback Acoustic Radio


A grand concert on wheels. Exclusively tuned speaker system considering the cabin volume, sound reflection and absorption to provide a true-to-life acoustic experience.

Altroz Hatchback Music Steering Control

USB Browse

Get one-touch access to all the essential controls on the steering wheel because your eyes should always be on the road.

Altroz Hatchback Voice Phone Control Feature

Voice Command Recognition - Phone, Media & Climate control

New generation of smartphone connectivity, to ensure an easy & intuitive vocal interaction with the Car’s Infotainment.

Altroz Hatchback Digital TFT Instrument

17.78cm TFT Digital Instrument Cluster

17.78 cm TFT digital instrument cluster provides vital Car related information on the go conveniently. Cluster functions can be controlled through steering mounted buttons.

Altroz Digital Instrument Cluster

Turn By Turn Navigation

Media, phone and navigation mirroring between Infotainment and Instrument Cluster facilitate turn by turn navigation indication on the cluster.

TATA ALTROZ Alloy Wheels and 209 mm ground clearance

Gold standard of Driving Dynamics

Experience the exhilarating performance of Altroz with powerful BS6 petrol and diesel engines, fine-tuned suspension and comprehensive control and to conquer every city road. Set ablaze every trail with an impressive new 1.2l i-Turbo engine, and give your drive the added boost you seek.

1.2L Altroz Hatchback Turbo Engine

1.2 Li-Turbo Engine

Set ablaze every trail with an impressive new 1.2l i-Turbo engine, and give your drive the added boost you seek.

1.2L Altroz Hatchback Petrol Engine

1.2 L revotron Petrol BS6 engine

Class leading power for the most punchy and sporty drive experience

1.5L Altroz Hatchback BS6 Diesel Engine

1.5L turbocharged revotorq Diesel BS6 engine

Largest Engine Capacity in the segment with superior performance ensures that you never run out of power

Altroz Auto Start Stop Engine Feature

ISS-Idle stop start

Automatically turns off the engine when idle at signal, traffic etc. which saves fuel consumption. Engine starts simply by pressing the clutch.

Altroz Hatchback Mutli Drive Mode

Multi Drive Modes

Drive according to your mood by switching between Eco, City and Sports mode.

Agile and widest ALFA Architecture

Agile and widest ALFA Architecture

Large wheel base and wide track ensure stability during maneuvering or while driving on bad roads.

Altroz 5 Speed Manual Transmission

5 Speed Manual Transmission

Shift your way into a smooth and blissful driving experience with 5 forward and one reverse gears.

TATA ALTROZ Nextgen Connectivity - Google Maps

Gold Standard of Customer Delight

Step inside and be amazed by the modern, intelligent and tastefully crafter interiors. Thanks to Premium leatherette seats, personalized wallpaper, rear AC vents, flat floor design and 90-degree opening doors. When you embark on a journey in this car, you’ll wish your drive lasts long. Experience luxurious comfort every mile of the drive.

Altroz Hatchback Premium Leather Seats

Premium Leatherette seats

Experience luxurious comfort every mile of the drive with these premium seats.

Altroz Hatchback Dashboard Lighting

Ambient Mood Lighting

A serene blue ambient light surrounds the dashboard, front footwell and console to set the mood for a long and peaceful drive.

Altroz Infotainment Custom Wallpaper

Personalized Wallpaper

With the freedom to upload personalized wallpaper and stickers, the Altroz is the Gold Standard of Customer Delight.

Tata Altroz Comfortable Leg Room

Rear Flat Floor

Keep your legs at utmost comfort with flat floor in the rear seats and say goodbye to uncomfortable sitting stances.

Altroz Rear AC Feature

Rear AC Vents with Rear Power Outlet

Rear passengers will remain cool and charged courtesy of the rear AC vents that come with a power outlet.

Altroz Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

An ergonomically designed steering wheel that ensures easy ingress/egress especially for taller drivers.

Tata Altroz Cool Glove Box

15 L Cooled Glove Box

A 15 l temperature controlled glove box helps keep beverages at a temperature suitable to your needs.

Altroz Hatchback Wearable key Feature

Wearable Key

Say goodbye to bulky key around. Enjoy hassle-free keyless entry with a wearable key that you are unlikely to forget.

Altroz Hatchback Button Start  Feature

Push Button Start Stop

A great start will precede powerful performance with the Start/Stop engine button.

Altroz Auto Follow Me Headlamps

Follow me home headlamps

A revolutionary feature that helps you navigate the path from your car to the front door of your house.

Tata Altroz Front Sliding Armrest

Front sliding armrest with storage

Sliding armrest enables the driver to adjust the position and rest his arm on the move. Find additional storage space below the armrest to keep your essentials handy.

Tata Altroz Rear Armrest Facility

Rear Armrest

Perceptively placed rear armrest for the luxury and comfort of the people seated in the backseat.

Altroz Hatchback 24 Utility Spaces Facility

24 Utility

Ample space to store all your knick-knacks and essential objects including Tablet, Wallet, Umbrella Storage, and more.

TATA ALTROZ Multi-Drive Modes

Spacious Cabin

Renowned for being the widest car in its segment, the Altroz and its spacious interiors is what truly makes living, larger than life.

Altroz Leather Steering Button Control

Leather wrapped steering with cluster control

Leather wrapped steering wheel ensures a perfect grip and steering mounted cluster controls helps to manage information from cluster with one touch

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